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DUOCASA'S dining / living room collection offers complete spaces. These are carefully designed areas to transform the home theater into an interaction and coexistence space.

The charm of the decoration comes from the comfort and organization. Everything in its place. DVDs, stereo, TV, books, magazines and objects. A place to cozy up and enjoy.

Unique Features

Each project is treated as unique. Drawers, tilting, sliding door, and hinged door.


They have a smooth movement with a piston to open. It eliminates noise and provides a large access span.

Sliding Doors

Resistant options that help in the use of space.

Hinged Doors

They are practical and use handles that ensure a modern look and a unique touch for each project. All handles used by DUOCASA are metallic, a highly resistant material.

Designed by

The BE CUBIC bookshelf by Polish designer Malgorzata Kopczynska, awarded in Milan, Italy, is a versatile piece that creates different combinations of shapes and colors.


The finishing is divided into four categories: Protective Polyester, Shine Protective Polyester, BP and glass with aluminum frame.

Brazilian Art


An unprecedented initiative values ​​the work of Brazilian artisans.
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Proven quality

DUOCASA® systematically tests the quality of its products and finishes within international standards.
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