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Specialized team

The DUOCASA store teams have professionals specialized in architecture and interior decoration to design delightful spaces within the expected value. Combining styles, textures, colors, finishes and materials to create spaces that reflect the individuality of each one's style and the personality of those who will live there.

Project Presentation

DUOCASA relies on imaging technology, which allows you to view the project in real conditions, and also to receive guidance regarding the harmony of colors and decorative objects. Everything you need for the project to reflect a personal and unique touch in every room.

Delivery and Installation

Client wellbeing is a constant concern at DUOCASA. Trained assembly teams install the furniture with comfort and security.

The delivery date is scheduled so that everything goes as planned. The products are carefully prepared, packed and checked before being delivered to ensure compliance and quality.


All DUOCASA products have a warranty directly from the factory.

Visit our stores

DUOCASA's stores are where the brand’s style and timeless design meet. A location considered in minute detail to create an atmosphere that combines beauty, functionality and emotion. Everything is cause for delight, to view, to review and to get closer to DUOCASA.