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DUOCASA creates spaces which portray life as it should be: spacious, bright, modern, full of details. The striking and authentic style of the brand is present in the line that features furniture for the whole house, as well as corporate projects.

The furniture stands out for its international design with intelligent modulation that meets the legitimate desire of those who want to live in a home with its own identity.

Thus, DUOCASA offers a collection of products with exclusive painting, which allows countless combinations in a design that outlives time and fads, which is open to individual interpretations and which turns dreams into reality.

"We create rooms for a house full of life, with a modern identity, which converses with international design."

Brazilian Art

Arte Brasileira

Contemporary homes seek comfort and wellbeing by mixing handmade items with technology. With the handmade items we have the sensorial and the ludic, while with technology we have achieved practicality.

DUOCASA innovates by proposing a dialogue between the international design of its customized furniture with the best of the Brazilian popular art. The ambiance of the stores is designed like a real house, where people wake up, play, rest, love, recover their energy, and live their best moments.

In other words, DUOCASA works is to translate one's way of feeling good, looking at the roots and refined artisan touch for the genuine and warm accent of daily life.


Design Center

The brand's Design Center, the largest in Latin America in the furniture sector, allows the stages to be controlled, both during creation and manufacturing, streamlining releases and anticipating trends with a design that outlives time and fads.

Structured by the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, the Center is an applied model of design and innovation. Taking into account the concept of Service Design, it provides a strong customer service support.

Proven Quality

DUOCASA combines the high technology of its production plant with its strict manufacturing processes. The furniture's strength, durability and safety are rigorously tested according to international safety standards.

Durability and Functionality

Drawers and doors are opened and closed

80,000 times.
Qualidade comprovada

The drawers are subjected to heavy use, so a weight of 12.5kg is placed in the drawers and then they are opened and closed 80,000 times. The doors are tested with a weight of 1.5kg and opened and closed 80,000 times. This is equivalent to 15 openings per day for 15 years. To ensure the durability of the shelves, 60 plates are placed on them with a weight of 27kg to test their strength.

Poliéster Protetor

Protective Polyester

DUOCASA'S greatest highlight is the unique patented Protective Polyester paint, which, in addition to its high level of strength, it provides a sophisticated appearance and an unmistakable finish.

This eco-friendly painting is used in inner parts, splints, and doors.

Sealed Surface

The edge gluing is done through a special procedure with subsequent application of the Protective Polyester paint on the surface, eliminating the joint between the panel and the edge. This prevents infiltration of moisture and micro-organisms.

Metal Handles

The metal handles are made from materials that are highly resistant and easy to maintain, ensuring a modern look and a unique touch for each project.


The concept of sustainability has been present in the DNA of the company since its inception. The focus is on two areas: social and environmental responsibility, prioritizing respect for the environment, energy efficiency, and development of employees who are passionate for and committed to their work. This focus, along with an appreciation of Brazilian popular art, reveals an unusual socio-environmental concern among furniture companies.

The Company

DUOCASA is a MD Móveis brand, a manufacturer present in over 50 countries, with an industrial park strategically located between the mountains of the Serra Gaúcha, on the route from Gramado to Bento Gonçalves, the most traditional region for the segment in Brazil.

In a 34,000 m² built area, with the highest quality and technology, the company is often acknowledged through awards.


Over the past seven years in a row, the company has been nominated by commercial directors throughout Brazil as the best supplier in the segment in which it works.

The company was also awarded the most traditional exporter prize in Southern Brazil, the Prêmio Exportação RS.

Poliéster Protetor