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DUOCASA 2013 Catalog

DUOCASA creates spaces which portray life as it deserves to be: spacious, bright, modern, full of details.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes seek comfort and wellbeing by mixing handmade items with technology.

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DUOCASA is a customized furniture brand with international design.

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Get ready to enter spaces that give more life to your home, reflect modernity and converse with international design.

DUOCASA insert

"Customized spaces that reflect modernity and give more life to your home."

40th Gramado Film Festival

The Gramado Film Festival reaches its 40th year with much to celebrate.

39th Gramado Film Festival

"Red Carpet, national and international celebrities, special prize on the main night."


Spaces Customized for your Life

Spaces which portray life as it should be. DUOCASA innovates by proposing a dialogue between the international design of its customized furniture with the best of the Brazilian popular art. A clever modulation that meets the legitimate desire of those who want to live in a home with its own identity.